Robotics Competition (sponsored by Digi-Key)

Picture of Robot.  Image courtesy of Flickr user Gladius.

Student teams will build and program robots to compete against each other. Conference and contest registration are required.

Student team members for both contests must register for the conference, and each team must be accompanied by a registered faculty coach who is willing to act as a contest coordinator or judge.

Student teams will compete in a mini-golf competition. See the competition rules and specifications, as maintained by Contest Director, Dr. Mark Fienup, for more information. Each team must register for the contest prior to the extended deadline of March 31, 2017.

Thanks to the Digi-Key corporation for their generous sponsorship of the robotics competition.

Robotics Team Registration

Registration is now open. Contest participants must all register for the MICS conference itself. (Filling out the linked survey does not register you for MICS; see our Registration page for that information.)

A list of teams that are currently registered. (Note: This list is current as of 22 March 2017. If you have submitted a registration after that date, you may not appear on the list yet. Teams will be added to the active list over the time between now and the deadline of 31 March.)